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Mental illness problems and the workplace

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Workplace Illness |

Unfortunately, we all get ill from time to time. In most cases, it is a minor situation that is easily resolved with over-the-counter remedies and some rest. Unfortunately, workers in Ohio and elsewhere suffer illnesses from a wide range of situations, including conditions in their workplace. This could cause the worker to lose time from work as he or she recovers. While many are aware of some well-documented occupational diseases such as lung disease, there are other serious workplace illnesses that do not get as much attention, including mental illnesses.

According to the World Health Organization, work is good for mental health. However, they also reported that a negative working environment could cause physical and mental health problems. Depression and anxiety are two major mental illnesses that occur in the workplace, and they can have a significant economic impact world-wide. With regards to lost productivity, they cause an estimated global economy loss of $1 trillion per year.

When looking at this workplace illness globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression. Many of these suffers are also living with anxiety as well. When a person is suffering from mental health problems, missed work or even unemployment. This can result in significant financial hardships.

Whether it is a workplace injury or illness, it is important that those who miss work because of an injury or illness fully understand their rights and options. Workers’ compensation could help address losses such as medical bills and lost wages. Thus, it is important to understand how to apply for and secure these crucial benefits.