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Guiding you through the SSD application and appeals process

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

Living with a disability can be challenging. While there are many opportunities to have accommodations made and seek out assistance, this may not be enough. People in Ohio with a disability may find it challenging to do the day-to-day things, even making it impossible to hold down a job. When a disability impacts one’s life significantly, it is important to consider ways to address these challenges and financial hardships.

The Social Security Administration has designed programs to help those living with disabilities. Both Socials Security disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income can be very valuable resources to address the financial challenges a person with a disability might have. At Brian, Zwick, Stone & Associates, our attorneys understand how important these benefits can be. Thus, we are dedicated to helping those in the Ohio area with the application process, so they can secure these program benefits.

Our law firm works with clients from their initial application through the appeals process. While our goal is to secure benefits for our clients through their initial applicant, we understand that many initial applications are denied. Thus, we are always prepared to initiate the appeals process by helping our clients gather additional information, helping them fill in any gaps in their application and helping them prepare clarifications.

To learn more check out our law firm’s Social Security disability website. Whether you are considering SSD benefits for the first time, are working through the application process or were recently denied benefits, it is essential to fully understand the process and what rights one has at any phase of the process.