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On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Workplace Illness |

While no workplace is perfect, a work environment should not be the cause of a serious health problem. Unfortunately, the conditions of a workplace can contribute to a work-related illness. Whether it takes weeks, moths or even years to set in, a workplace illness can be a very serious situation. An employee might require much medical treatment, resulting in missed work. Such a situation can impact a person’s quality of life and even the ability to return to his or her normal life once treatment is complete.

A serious illness can disrupt a person’s life. When this illness is derived from a workplace condition, this can be a very shocking and unexpected situation. At Brian, Zwick, Stone & Associates, our attorneys understand how challenging this situation can be. Our law firm also understands how devastating this matter can be. Therefore, we take the time to ensure our clients in the Canton area understand their rights and options.

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to address losses and damages such as medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages. Additionally, our attorneys will take the time to determine whether or not a third party caused the workplace illness. We can conduct investigation to establish if the incident was caused by negligence, a defect in a product in the workplace or because of a dangerous situation an employer knew or should have known about. Additional compensation could be available if it is determined a third party caused or contributed to the workplace illness suffered.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s workplace illness website. An illness, no matter the cause, can significantly impact the life of an individual. Thus, it is important to take action if an illness was caused by a workplace condition, by helping a worker pursue the benefits needed to address any losses suffered.