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Protecting your rights in the pursuit of workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

For those working in Ohio, holding down a job is important. It is not only a person’s source to pay for their needs, but it is also their ability to save up for retirement. Thus, when obstacles occur, impacting a person’s income and ability to pay for their needs and save for the future, this can cause individuals to seek out assistance. For those injured in a workplace accident, it may be possible to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

Following a workplace accident, an injured worker is likely concerned about their health and recovering from their injury. Therefore, seeking workers’ compensation might not be his or her immediate thought. Nonetheless, this is a vital step to take, as a worker may miss an extended period of time from work while they receive medical treatment for his or her injuries. This is where the attorneys at Brian, Zwick, Stone & Associates can help guide you. Our law firm is dedicated to helping harmed workers in the Canton area understand their rights and explore their options.

Our law firm understands each case is different. Each client comes with their own personal experience made up of specific factors that makes their case unique. Because of this, we provide individualized attention and representation. Workers’ compensation cases often mean seeking compensation for a wide range of losses and damages. This could include lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation, permanent total disability, temporary total disability or permanent partial disability. Our law firm could also help with the pursuit of Social Security disability benefits as well as Supplemental Security Income.

While an injured worker may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits given the details of their situation, it may also be possible to seek additional compensation through a personal injury action as well. If a workplace injury was caused by a negligent third party, was caused by a defective product or was the result of your employer putting you in a known dangerous situation, it might be possible to seek compensation through a civil action.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s workers’ compensation website. No one expects to be harmed in a workplace accident; thus, they are likely unfamiliar with their options and legal rights. It is important to arm yourself with this information so you can pursue the proper action to protect yourself and your future.