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Ohio senate approves bill to protect waste and recycle workers

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Workplace Injuries |

When residents in Ohio think about dangerous careers, they often think about construction work and mining. However, there are some industries that are concerning in the state, which has sparked interests by legislatures. And with this legislation, it is their hope to reduce the number of fatal accidents among waste and recycling workers.

According to current data. The waste and recycling collection industry is ranked fifth in the nation when it comes to fatal work injuries. Researchers found that these injuries were due to inattentive and distracted drivers. Based on current reports, the Ohio Senate recently approves SB 127, which is a legislation that would help protect these workers on the roadways across the state.

If passed by the Ohio state House or Representatives, this legislation would require motorists to proceed with caution and yield to the right-of-way when approaching a stationary waste or recycling vehicle that is displaying flashing, rotating or oscillating lights. It would also require motorists to make a lane change if possible and proceed with due caution, reducing their speed, if a lane change is not possible.

Ohio is not the first state to notice the high rate of death and injuries among these workers. In fact, 16 others states currently have passed laws protecting the safety of waste and recycle workers. While these laws have been put in place to reduce injuries among these workers, these workplace injuries unfortunately still occur.

Workers injured in the work environment should understand their rights. This means exploring their workers’ compensation rights and steps needed in order to acquire these benefits. Collecting workers’ comp could help address medical bills, lost wags and other related damages.

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