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Avoid post injury complications by researching workers’ comp now

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No matter what type of work you do in Ohio, you are at risk for injury. Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others. For instance, you have greater chance of avoiding injury if you work in a dental office than you might if you are a skyscraper window washer in a major Ohio city. Of course, any type of job may lead to an accident; for instance, you might fall down stairs or develop a repetitive stress injury from typing.

The way you earn your income and the type of accident or situation that results in your injury doesn’t matter as much as the process that follows in the aftermath of your injury to help you collect benefits through the workers’ compensation program. If you work on a railroad, that’s a whole other ballgame since the Federal Employers Liability Act may impact your situation. In non-railroad jobs, however, you will likely file a workers’ comp claim if you suffer injury in the workplace.

Ohio particulars regarding workers’ compensation

States may vary regarding the details of their workers’ comp laws. The following information pertains to this state and may be useful to you as you attempt to collect benefits following a workplace injury:

  • A key point to remember is that there is a two-year time limit in Ohio in which you are able to file a workers’ comp claim for an injury you suffered on the job. 
  • The appropriate officials have 28 days to render a decision when you file a claim.
  • The main purpose of workers’ comp is to provide financial assistance to injured workers to help cover medical expenses and replace lost wages during recovery.
  • When you report your injury to your employer, he or she then has one week in which to submit a report of the incident to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Hopefully, you will be able to navigate the workers’ comp system when needed without much complication. If the BWC disallows your claim, you do have a right to appeal. That’s an entirely different process that can be extremely stressful.

Strong support can help alleviate stress

Rather than try to go it alone, many injured workers in Ohio seek support from experienced workers’ compensation attorneys when facing obstacles to their benefits claims. Claim issues are often more easily resolvable if you know your rights and access appropriate support to help protect them.