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Workplace violence and risk of injury to health care workers

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Ohio health care workers are some of the most valuable employees in any industry. They have an invaluable role in the care, recovery and well-being of millions of Americans, but they also face some significant risks to their own health and safety. When these workers suffer injuries or experience illness as a result of their jobs, they have the right to certain types of financial benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to injured health care workers. If you have suffered an injury, you do not have to work through the pain or navigate the complex claims process alone. You are entitled to medical care, recovery of certain losses and more.

Which health care workers are vulnerable?

Health care workers of all kinds face risks associated with their career. Those at risk include doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, medical technicians and more. In addition to the threat of suffering an injury while assisting a patient, needle sticks or contracting a serious illness, health care workers are significantly more likely to experience violence in the workplace.

The truth about the dangers of health care

Hospitals, doctor offices and other places are where people go for healing and preventive care, yet they can be a great danger to those who provide these services. You may be surprised to learn the following about the dangers of providing health care:

  • The rate of workplace violence is approximately four times higher in health care than in other industries.
  • One of the reasons for a higher chance of injury is due to the fact that workers may have to provide care to individuals with violent tendencies, disgruntled family members or people who suffer negative effects from certain medications.
  • Often, workers suffer injuries in violence-related incidents that are severe enough to require time away from work to recuperate.

Whether you were hurt because of a violent patient or you fell running to the aid of a patient, you would be wise to learn about your right to workers’ compensation benefits.

Health care workers and rightful recovery

If you are a health care worker, you may find it useful to seek a full explanation of your rights and guidance for the benefits claims process. This can be a complex, difficult process to navigate, and you deserve to focus fully on your recovery during this time. After an injury at work, you don’t have to work through the pain or continue to place yourself at risk; you may seek a full recovery.