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Worker killed in Ohio workplace accident

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation resources are available to workers and their families following a workplace accident. In a neighboring Ohio community north of Canton a recycling facility worker was recently, and tragically, killed in a baler accident. The 24-year old worker was killed when he was trapped in a baler. The worker suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the fatal workplace accident. Records reveal that the recycling facility has not been cited for any prior workplace accidents.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to help family members of workers killed in a workplace accident or construction accident. In Ohio, workers’ compensation death benefits for dependents may be available when a loved one has been killed in a workplace accident. Workers’ compensation benefits, such as benefits for medical expenses and lost wages, may also be available in circumstances when a worker has been injured on the job or is suffering from an occupational illness.

Anytime a worker is harmed in the workplace, it can have a significant detrimental impact families and surviving workers. Following a workplace accident, surviving family members and surviving workers may suffer financial challenges at a time when they are facing overwhelming emotional difficulties and changes in their lives. As a result, it can be crucial that workers and their families are familiar with workers’ compensation options and resources.

The process of applying for workers’ compensation benefits can be challenging during an already difficult time. Workers’ compensation benefits provide oftentimes badly needed support for families which is why workers and their families should be aware the resources available and how to navigate the workers’ compensation process.

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