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Asthma can be a work-related illness

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Workplace Illness |

Millions of Americans are affected by asthma, a disorder that can cause coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and other serious symptoms. Though often treatable, the illness can be triggered by any number of irritants and allergens in a person’s environment, and unfortunately for some those aggravating substances may be present in their places of work.

Canton workers are not immune from suffering from work related illnesses, and asthma is one surprising disease that they may discover is affecting their health. Individuals who must work around fine particle substances like flour or sawdust, those who work with animals, and those who are exposed to certain chemicals may develop asthma from their work environments when they never before suffered from the illness.

While a person may be able to manage their asthma symptoms with medications and support from medical professionals, there are steps that employers can take to reduce their workers’ chances of being exposed to the substances they may cause work-related asthma to develop. Recognizing that an offending or asthma-causing substance is present in a work environment can help an employer and its employees manage its use, contain its exposure, and prevent its interference with workers’ health.

For anyone who has had an asthma attack it is quite clear that the respiratory disorder is a serious medical condition. Severe asthma attacks can be fatal when a victim’s body suffers anaphylaxis and the victim is no longer able to breathe. While most attacks do not result in death, asthma symptoms can reduce a sufferer’s quality and enjoyment of life.

Work-related illnesses can cause individuals to lose pay when they must step back from their jobs and can cause them to incur medical bills when they seek treatment for their ailments. Victims of these devastating ailments are encouraged to understand their rights to seek compensation for their losses and may wish to speak with attorneys about their cases.