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SSD benefits for disabled workers

No one goes to work expecting to be harmed. However, such a situation impacts employees in Ohio and other states across the nation every year. While some workplace accidents result in minor injuries, others cause workers to suffer serious and disabling injuries. When a worker is unable to work because of a workplace accident, this can cause serious financial impacts on the individual and his or her family. This is especially true if the disability lasts for a long period of time or is permanent. In these matters, Social Security disability might be the answer.

According to current statistics, more than 10.5 million workers and their families are recipients of SSD benefits. These benefits are available to individuals who are unable to work because they are suffering from a disability that is expected to last at least a year or result in his or her death. It is also possible, in certain situations, for family members of disabled workers to receive SSD benefits.

What are the basics of workers' compensation?

No one goes to work thinking that his or her work environment will harm them. However, injuries and illnesses do occur, even in workplaces that are not considered risky or dangerous. A workplace accident or illness can be a very unexpected and shocking event for which a worker may not be prepared. Whether it was due to the negligence of an employer or a colleague, harmed workers are afforded rights and the ability to protect themselves in these unfortunate matters.

Workers' compensation was designed to provide harmed employees with the benefits they are entitled to for injuries or illnesses suffered in the workplace. The workers' comp system lays out the procedures that employees need to take in order to recover such benefits. In some cases, there are special workers' comp laws for specific industries, for example, railroad workers.

Subcontractor crushed and killed in Ohio workplace accident

Workers in Ohio and elsewhere expect to return home when they go to work each workday. However, some industries carry with them the unfortunate reality that a worker could suffer a fatal work injury. This is especially true if an individual works in an industry that poses many risks and dangers. No matter the industry or type of work accident, it is important that the cause of the incident and potential for liability is understood. This could help pave the way for loved ones of the deceased worker to file a legal action for the losses and damages suffered.

According to recent reports, a 28-year-old subcontractor was killed in an industrial accident. Reports by the Franklin Fire Department confirm that a fatal workplace accident occurred in the 3500 block of Shotwell Drive around 4 p.m.

Workplace violence and risk of injury to health care workers

Ohio health care workers are some of the most valuable employees in any industry. They have an invaluable role in the care, recovery and well-being of millions of Americans, but they also face some significant risks to their own health and safety. When these workers suffer injuries or experience illness as a result of their jobs, they have the right to certain types of financial benefits.

Workers' compensation benefits are available to injured health care workers. If you have suffered an injury, you do not have to work through the pain or navigate the complex claims process alone. You are entitled to medical care, recovery of certain losses and more.

Understanding occupational diseases and your rights

Unfortunately, we all get sick at some point or another. In most cases, this is a simple bug like a cold or the flu. However, some illnesses are much more serious, causing individuals in Ohio and elsewhere to require extensive and lengthy medical treatments. For some workers, an illness could have developed because of the work environment they work in. A work-related illness could make it challenging to work or even live a normal life. Thus, it is important to understand if the work environment was the cause, and what rights are afforded to those suffering from a workplace illness.

An occupational disease is considered to be an illness that stems from, or is contracted primarily because of, a worker's exposures to risk factors existing in the work environment or from a work activity carried out by an employee. Workplace illnesses have many causes. While sometimes they directly relate to the work environment, they could also result from the combination of several risk factors.

What are the common causes of construction work accidents?

The construction industry, as pointed out in a previous post, is vital to society. It is what results in homes, office buildings, roads, bridges and other structures being built. However, those working in this industry go to work everyday facing many risks and dangers. Even when certain steps are taken to improve the safety and wellbeing of construction workers, they are still, unfortunately, harmed in accidents.

Based on statistics from 2015, 4,836 workers were killed on the job. This means that roughly 93 workers were killed each week, or in other terms, more than 13 deaths occurred every day that year. With regard to work fatalities occurring in private industries that year, 4,379 occurred. Of those, 937 workers or 21.4 percent were workers in the construction industry. That means that roughly one in five workers killed were construction workers.

Protecting the rights of injured construction workers

No matter what time of year it is, Ohio residents can see various types of structures and roads being constructed. Construction workers play a vital role in society; building roads, bridges, homes and offices. Unfortunately, however, these employees face many risks and dangers on the job. Although certain measures are taken, such as training and providing safety gear, these steps do not always prevent serious, and even fatal, construction accidents from occurring.

Despite the potential dangers associated with this career, construction workers are still needed, and individuals continue to fill these necessary positions. Even when safety standards are put in place, this does not protect workers from negligence in the workplace from harming them. At Brian, Zwick, Marchisio, Stone & Associates, our experienced law firm understands the devastation that can follow a construction accident; therefore, we are prepared to help workers understand their rights and obtain the benefits they deserve.

Understanding the appeals process for SSD benefits

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can seem intimidating. Having to answer detailed questions and provide a large number of supporting documents can be overwhelming. However, this situation should not deter individuals from seeking benefits that they need. Being denied initially is a possibility, but applicants should note their ability to appeal this decision.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) carefully considers all the information submitted with each and every application. Based on this information, the SSA will make a determination, sending a letter that details their decision. If the decision is unfavorable, the first option an applicant has is to seek reconsideration. This is the first level of the appeals process.

What must an applicant do to recover SSD benefits?

No one ever expects to become seriously injured in an accident. And with that, no one is prepared to deal with the aftermath of a severe accident that leaves him or her temporarily or permanently disabled. However, individuals in Ohio and elsewhere are faced with this horrible situation, leaving them overwhelmed and unable to navigate the matter on their own. When an individual is unable to work because of a disabling injury, this can be challenging. Especially when that person is unable to obtain or maintain gainful employment. Thus, disabled individuals, no matter the source of their disabilities, may seek out financial assistance in the form of Social Security Disability (SSD) from the Social Security Administration (SSA.)

What must an applicant do to recover SSD benefits? In order to initiate the process to obtain Social Security disability benefits, an individual must first file an application. While this might seem like a simple step, applicants are required to answer questions and detail their situations in order to prove they meet the SSA's definition of disability. This requires an applicant to collect medical records, financial records and other documents that will help evidence his or her condition or injury.

Ohio employees can work safely in the summer heat

When the temperatures rise during the summer, so do the chances that a worker will suffer the ill effects of heat-related illness. Many workers are susceptible to various types of occupational illnesses caused by extreme heat, even those who work indoors. With awareness and increased safety measures, Ohio workers are able to work safely in the summer heat. 

One of the most important ways that workers can be safer while working in the heat is through simple awareness. Through education about the types of illnesses that are possible and their effects, workers can better recognize signs of heat sicknesses and know what to do when dangerous symptoms present.